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Latest news
SynoFin with RiskMan Corona-Fit
The SynoFin experts work in the home office throughout and actively contribute to slowing down the spread of the Covit 19 pandemic.
Risk management operations and services, as well as development and ongoing onboarding, are not subject to any restrictions and continue to operate at the usual high quality.
In the event of staff shortages at our customers' sites, our web solution allows them to quickly and competently take on additional risk management tasks.

Other well-known German investment company in onboarding
The RiskMan solution has convinced once again together with the platform modules of the UI-Labs.

LAFV Roadshow 2020
We will be present again at this year's roadshow and would like to welcome you to the event and to our stand. We will be in Zurich on 18 March 2020, in Munich on 31 March 2020 and in Düsseldorf on 1 April 2020.

Our successful development
35 customers - we are now broadly positioned and well established in the market
40 billion calculated volume - we are growing at and with our customers
New solutions - we have expanded functions and developed new modules

opRisk Tool: Framework agreement VuVL extended
As a result of the great response and very good feedback, the opRisk Tool framework agreement with the Association of Independent Asset Managers in Liechtenstein was extended for a further year.

opRisk Tool successfully introduced at two other customers
Smaller market participants in particular appreciate the efficiency and systematic nature of our solution in determining and assessing corporate risk.

imh annual conference on bank management in Vienna
SynoFin's contributions and solutions were well received in the open exchange of experience between banks, supervisory authorities and financial intermediaries at expert level.

Onboarding of German KVG started
Together with our partner UI-Labs, we were awarded the contract to implement a comprehensive solution.

BVI Risk Management Day in Frankfurt
SynoFin is close to the ball in risk management and is a pioneer in practical implementation in many areas. This was evident both in the presentations on major innovations in risk management at regulatory, technical and professional level and in further talks and discussions.

RiskMan Balance Sheet Cockpit in the Liechtenstein Banking Association
On the occasion of a presentation to well-known bank representatives, the banking association clearly spoke out in favor of strengthening active bank management by means of suitable processes, structures and systems and especially emphasized the RiskMan Balance Sheet Cockpit as the most suitable solution.

New customer and partner Univeral-Investment-Labs GmbH
RiskMan is now an essential component of the UI-labs platform and thus an integral part of a proven solution that covers the entire value chain.

Further German KVG in onboarding
Together with an existing customer, a well-known KVG will be included in RiskMan and a new era in risk management will begin.

New dashboard technology under development
In the future we will provide powerful functions with current data in our RiskMan dashboards via the direct connection of the web framework React to the RiskMan database.

ISAE3000/3402 audit of the development, service and operational processes as well as the computing core successfully completed
For the audit period March 2018 to February 2019, we received an unqualified audit opinion from the appointed independent auditor.

opRisk Tool successfully integrated into the ICS of a well-known financial intermediary
The existing internal control system was supplemented by the controls relevant to the business model from the RiskMan opRisk tool. This means that all material operating risks are now integrated in the internal control process.

LAFV Roadshow in Zurich and Munich
More than 130 participants attended the events. Numerous interested people came to our sponsor's stand. We are looking forward to further discussions and visits.

Save the Date: April 10, 2019 LAFV Roadshow in Zurich
We would be pleased to welcome you at our stand. Lectures: Dr Guenther Dobrauz - Crypto & Blockchain - Appetite for Disruption in Asset Management? Determining the position between hype and reality; Dominik Oberholzer - Fund solutions vs. individual portfolio management - advantages and disadvantages from a regulatory perspective; Rainer N. Gruenig in an interview with David Gamper: The Liechtenstein fund center ... Registration at info@lafv.li

Save the Date: April 2, 2019 LAFV Roadshow in Munich
We would be pleased to welcome you at our stand. Lectures: Dr Guenther Dobrauz - Crypto & Blockchain - Appetite for Disruption in Asset Management? Positioning between hype and reality; Martin Meyer - Liechtenstein as an ideal product location for Bavarian private equity companies? Critical view from practice; David Gamper - The Liechtenstein fund center. Registration at info@lafv.li

New client growth: 2 asset management companies
Our opRisk tool enjoys great popularity.

Project assignment for the integration of the RiskMan-opRisk-Tool into the ICS
We are pleased about this order from a renowned financial intermediary.

Another private bank goes live with RiskMan Balance Sheet Cockpit
At the same time, the interface logic to FIRE was extended during implementation.

We welcome the 33rd customer
after we were able to record 2 new deals in November.

New customers: We accompany a well-known company on its way to AIFM and AIF
Following the successful implementation of the opRisk tool, we have now been entrusted with the project support for AIFM.

40 billion limit on calculated volume torn
The latest technology and professional IT architecture make this possible - we calculate over 100 portfolios per hour on demand!

Another major investment company goes live
By realizing an individual interface, the connection to the customer's core system was successfully completed and the RiskMan solution went live.

opRisk tool enjoys great popularity: VuVL framework agreement extended
At the morning meeting of the VuVL Association of Independent Asset Managers in Liechtenstein, the one-year extension of the special conditions of the opRisk tool was announced and the new features of Release 2.0 were presented.

New customer Bank with RiskMan Balance Sheet Cockpit live
The connection to FiRE is stable and the dashboard is available to the bank on a monthly basis.

AMA (ask me anything) Session with Günter Unterleitner the 17th. August at 14:30
Join us without obligation and discuss with us your interests about risk management topics.

Access Code      795787#
Country              Dial in Number
Germany     +49 (0) 221 98203420
Switzerland             +41 (0) 44 513 30 07
Luxemburg        +352 20 30 10 02
Austria         +43 (0) 1 2650500

Partnership with LABS – Front-to-back-Service from a single source
SynoFin Risikomanagement Service AG and Lupus Alpha Business Solutions GmbH (LABS) entered into a strategic partnership. This provides customers with a comprehensive, cost-effective and proven solution for all aspects of asset and risk management.

This joint offering was presented at both at the BVI Operations Conference in March and at the LABS User Group Meeting in May. We are very pleased with the very positive response and promising inquiries.
LABS has been a proven and valued IT service provider for over nine years and focuses on data management, regulatory reporting and outsourcing services in asset management in German-speaking countries.
In addition to the front office solution with SimCorp Dimension, the range also includes various reporting services. The core of the offer is a data warehouse (labs DWH) - here the data is quality-assured and normalized from various sources in order to be available for various applications.
SynoFin's risk management offers a logical complement to this. In this unique combination, customers can now take advantage of a modular front to back service without having to worry about complex integration or having different contact persons. Onboarding is considerably simplified, which of course also has a cost-effective effect on the operation of the combined solution.
As if that weren't enough, the results are not only visualized in state-of-the-art dashboard technology, but are also available in an innovative solution as SynoFin RiskMan 3D, i.e. a real "visual portfolio" or as 3D video reporting - these two components were developed and driven by our partner Visual-qi, the specialist in augmented reality for the visualization of data from the investment and financial sector. Thus one of our goals is achieved - to make complex multidimensional facts easier and more intuitive to understand.

Six more customers put into production in 2018
We went live with our RiskMan, Bilanzcockpit and opRisk-Tool products at: three banks, one fund company and two asset managers in the first half of the year.

We remain true to our philosophy. Our products are developed with and for customers, and in this respect our range has continued to grow strongly in the course of the last successful implementations.
In RiskMan, the basic module was expanded to more than 100 individual stress scenarios, which can be calculated according to the stress test groups bond PV, equities, interest rates, interest spreads, volatility and exchange rates.
Further derivative financial instrument types have been included in the risk calculation and the clean backtesting functionality has been extended.
The SCR module now makes it possible to calculate the interest rate risk, equity risk, real estate risk, spread risk, exchange rate risk and concentration risk categories combined under Solvency II Market Risk.
A trend-setting new standard report was developed and implemented, as was a completely new dashboard based on key figures.
The RiskMan opRisk tool was expanded to include the corresponding risk categories in the light of DSGVO and MiFID II.
The RiskMan BilanzCockpit is now stable and high-performance in use and enables key figure-controlled simulation and control of balance sheet risks.

New appointment of the Board of Directors
An era at SynoFin is coming to an end. Adolf E. Real, Chairman of the Board of Directors, retires from the Board of Directors for reasons of age. His successor is former VP Bank Manager and COO Gerhard H. Häring, who previously held the position of Vice President.

This ensures a seamless handover within SynoFin with a still high level of financial knowledge. In addition, Alfred Jäger, another entrepreneurial personality, was elected to the Board of Directors. We would like to thank our outgoing Chairman Adolf E. Real for his great services and wish his successor Gerhard H. Häring success. SynoFin has grown strongly in recent years and continues to expand.

Successful ISAE3000/3402 certification in 2018 as well
The annual review of the calculation kernel, development, operation and service processes was completed with an extremely pleasing and positive result. In accordance with ISAE3000 Standard Type 2, PWC confirmed that all controls were adequate, functional and in good working order throughout the year.

In a strictly structured and standardized process, the defined key controls of the IT and service process were examined in several phases by means of system inspection, interviews, sampling, control reports, release management tool checks and protocols. The audit opinion confirms that the design and effectiveness of the internal controls were in place throughout the observation period and that the defined control objectives were achieved.
The audits of the RiskMan calculation kernel were extended to include stress tests and backtesting and were concluded with positive results. It was confirmed that the implemented methods comply with defined guidelines and principles in all material respects.
We are pleased about this positive assessment by a competent and independent body and see this as confirmation of the intensive joint work with our partners and customers.

State-of-the-art Balance Sheet Risk Management - RiskMan BilanzCockpit
This new RiskMan module is now being used by our first customers. In dialogue with our customers, we have broken new ground and developed a trend-setting solution. The RiskMan BilanzCockpit is designed for decision- and action-oriented dialogue between the relevant decision-makers and is easy to use, quick to implement and cost-effective.

The connection is made via an interface to FiRE from Bearingpoint and guarantees the highest possible data quality and stability as well as rapid implementation. The static risk measures for interest rate risk, liquidity and own funds are loaded and processed internally for the limit effect calculation of defined simulation transactions.
Based on this, the representation is made via the dashboard functionality of the RiskMan BilanzCockpit. In this way, the effects of balance sheet optimisation measures on various risk parameters can be simulated ad hoc in the transaction monitor and various stress scenarios can be analysed.
The RiskMan BilanzCockpit provides an integrated view of the respective balance sheet risks using central control factors and key figures, and enables real-time representation of the effect of planned balance sheet transactions on risk variables and returns.

Operational Risk – Innovations in the light of DSGVO and MiFID II
Regulatory Watch in the area of risk management and in the service of our clients is both our concern and our mission. MiFID II and DSGVO have resulted in new changes/additions to be taken into account for the risk categories in operational risk. These have been included in the RiskMan opRisk tool and are now available in Release 2.0.

The RiskMan opRisk tool is based on decades of practical experience and observations. In three steps, risk matrix and risk report are created in a short period of time with little own effort. The company-specific basic settings regarding loss potential and probability of occurrence are carried out in a 1-2-hour introductory workshop on site. SynoFin's risk managers record the results of the risk assessment in the opRisk tool and perform further calibrations. Finally, the raw version of the risk report is produced, which is then jointly supplemented by qualitative comments.

SynoFin Riskman 3D – Visual-qi's first real virtual portfolio
SynoFin has never been satisfied "only" with meeting the regulatory requirements, but has always had the ambition to create "added value". Of course, this also includes better visualization of complex interrelationships.

Our partner Visual-qi is an experienced specialist when it comes to 3D and Augmented Reality. Based on the quality-assured calculation results of SynoFin RiskMan, Visual-qi has created a completely new 3D representation of portfolios. This visualization facilitates and accelerates the understanding of abstract and complex correlations. This allows you and your customers to work more efficiently, make the right decisions and act better and faster. Take a look at it – and you will immediately understand what we mean.

RiskMan introduced at the BVI Fund Operations Conference - 3D Dashboard
Both our presentation and the live demo at the joint booth with Lupus Alpha Business Solutions were the eye-catcher at this year's BVI Fund Operations Conference.

With the new 3D view of portfolios, complex and multi-dimensional relationships can be intuitively represented in "virtual reality". Scenarios and stress tests become "alive". Thus we support the future role of the risk manager as enabler and communicator. Spontaneous shouts from our guests such as "awesome", "unbelievable" or "cool" were a nice confirmation of our new path.

Save the date - Presentation Liechtenstein Fund cernter in Zürich on May 8, 2018
The topic of risk management will also be with on Board of the Roadshow again.

Renowned keynote speakers and fund center experts will address the controversial aspects of "Liechtenstein as a gateway to the EU market for Swiss financial service providers" and show how financial services can be offered in the EU area via presences in Liechtenstein.

RiskMan Bilanzcockpit: Balance Sheet Risk Management with a Dashboard Feeling
An easy-to-use web application, based on account closing data from FiRE, enables the risk of: interest rate risk, liquidity and own funds, to be displayed at the touch of a button. The effect of balance sheet optimisation measures on various risk parameters can be simulated online. Together with the development partners Lopag and Bearingpoint, the BilazCockpit is now ready for mass production.

Risk Management in upheaval - new visualisation techniques are in demand
With increasing market dynamics, it is not only the demand on our quants to present complex financial instruments in ever shorter time, in ever more granular form, and with even more risk ratios that is increasing.

Our customers are also limited by conventional reports in the ever faster communication triangle of asset manager - risk manager - investor. This is why we are breaking new ground with our dashboards and now also in three-dimensional space with augmented reality.

The new normal can no longer be reproduced with traditional stress tests - How can science help?
Prof. Dr. Thomas Breuer, who is in charge of the SynoFin RiskMan calculator with his chair, gave a lecture on this topic at the BVI Risk Management Day.

Numerous questions were asked from the filled auditorium and a lively discussion developed, in which the keynote speaker, Prof. Dr. Steffen Kern from ESMA, also took part.

Interesting discussions and contacts at the LAFV Roadshow for the presentation of the Liechtenstein Fund Center
In Zurich, Vaduz and Germany, numerous participants showed great interest in the SynoFin solutions and services. In particular, the possibility of setting up funds with a lean structure quickly and at low cost using delegation and software-as-a-service licenses was very well received.

ISAE3000/3402 certification for SynoFin's Calculation kernel, IT- and Service
The audit of the RiskMan software and services by PWC PricewaterhouseCoopers produced an extremely positive result. The high requirements resulting from the FMA approval according to AIFMG had a very positive effect on the audit result. All essential control fields had already been set up and documented appropriately for the entire audit period, so that the audit could already be completed according to Type 2 and without any significant comments.

RiskMan Service on demand for the coversion or reissue of funds
Are you planning the conversion / reissue of a fund according to AIFMG or UCITS?

Then you need ad-hoc and perhaps for the first time risk figures for new and possibly also complex financial instruments.
In 5 simple steps you will receive the appropriate risk reports.

Experience from the successful entry into the German market
The sales activities in Germany are showing first successes. Two leading banks are now SynoFin customers and will go into production in the coming months.

"We have received very positive feedback from the discussions with financial market participants in Germany. The functional width and depth of a lean and scalable solution were particularly convincing. Ongoing regulatory pressure has repeatedly put the issue of risk management on the strategic agenda," says Peter Neuhaus, Sales Germany.

Moderation Friends of Funds event on Risk Management
More than 150 participants accepted the invitation of the Swiss Fund Acadamie on 29 November as part of the Friends of Funds series of events on risk management in the fund & asset management business.

The high-calibred panel offered a journey through time, starting with experiences and findings from 2008, the current status and expectations for the near future, and a good insight into risk management practice from various perspectives. read more

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